"Charity begins at home
but should not end there."



THE OSASU SHOW FOUNDATION (TOSF) is a non- governmental organization created for the sole purpose of solving a social problem in a financially self-sustainable way.

Our passion to improve the welfare and livelihoods of women through basic business trainings, funding and mentoring so they can therefore empower their children who we consider to be the next generation of African leaders.


Building on Past Successes


Since its inception, TOSF has realized significant accomplishments on which to build the work of the next decade. Notably, TOSF has:

Launched an inclusive representation Resource Centre for women and the physically challenged in Uke, Nasarawa State. TOSF funded the setup of Social Enterprise Centers to implement the “Support for the Establishment of Vocational Training Centres”. The aim of the project is to address the shortage of skilled labour in key industries, thus addressing one of the main reasons for high unemployment and low productivity. By establishing vocational training centres in targeted States, the supply of adequate labour force will be addressed in selected sectors with a high potential for growth.

Funded the first training/capacity building project by sponsoring 15 women and girls to acquire tomato processing skills alongside an entrepreneurial training to help them turn theirs kills to profitable business ventures.

Supported capacity building incubator program, a social accelerator scheme to empower technical skills and support to young entrepreneurs;

Awarded scholarships to underprivileged students to get the best of education that will position them as the next generation of African leaders;

TOSF Scholarship Beneficiaries

Facilitated annual social development conference, the largest national and regional platform that brings together social development practitioners, researchers, scholars, stakeholders (from both the public and private sectors), as well as donors and beneficiaries.

Supported several charity and welfare donations to IDP camps, orphanages and individuals through the provision of food items and other relief materials.

In the past 5 years, fostered dialogue regarding nation building and sustainable development particularly as it pertains to the welfare and livelihoods of citizens.

TOSF will Partner with Stakeholders in the following ways:

We will work together effectively at all levels, most importantly, our strategic plan reflects a change in how we work at country level, recognizing there is no ‘one size fits all’, and fully affirming the primary responsibility of State Governments for their States’ development and for coordinating, on the basis of existing strategies and priorities.

We will plan together. As a foundation, we will support governments at all levels and partners to work towards common results and indicators, and collectively report on them through results framework.

We will implement programmes together differently. We will focus on partnerships for results and impact, forging strong alliance with key stakeholders, including bilateral and multilateral organizations, private sector, government agencies and implementing partners of donor agencies. We will work to leverage public finances, including official development assistance. We will promote integrated partnerships, using the full range of financing tools in support of Sustainable Development Goals, with particular focus on goals 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 and 16.

We will enhance multi-stakeholder partnerships. We will support innovative platforms that strengthen collaboration with Governments as well as with civil society and the private sector. We will build on recent progress in engaging citizens through volunteerism, empowerment, participation and other means to strengthen State ownership and capacity, and delivery of the sustainable development agenda. We will also intensify collaboration through multi-stakeholder partnerships at National, State and Local Government Levels, and assist in improving mutual accountability for the Sustainable Development Goals in such partnerships.

We will enhance efficiency together. Underpinning the drive for ever-greater effectiveness, we will put in place standard operating procedures; we will continue to accelerate efficiency gains through business operations strategies, mutual recognition, and broader operational harmonization.