"Charity begins at home
but should not end there."



THE OSASU SHOW FOUNDATION (TOSF) is a non- governmental organization created for the sole purpose of solving a social problem in a financially self-sustainable way.

Our passion to improve the welfare and livelihoods of women through basic business trainings, funding and mentoring so they can therefore empower their children who we consider to be the next generation of African leaders.

TOSCBH- The Osasu Show Capacity Building Hub
This platform focuses on equipping the next generation of leaders with valuable skill sets:

Education Scholarship Scheme (ESS):

This scheme will provide scholarships to students in primary and secondary schools from underprivileged homes

Capacity Building Incubator (CBI):

This is a social accelerator platform that teaches technical skills to those who might opt for CBI rather than ESS

TOS/ASDC- Annual Social Development Conference

TOS Annual Social Development Conference (ASDC) is the largest national and regional platform that brings together social development practitioners, researchers, scholars, stakeholders (from both the public and private sectors), as well as donors and beneficiaries. The principal focus of this conference is to promote synergy by improving links and information exchange amongst social development practitioners in Africa. The immediate offshoot from this conference will be the African Annual Social Development Report (AASDR).