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After almost two decades of unprecedented economic growth in Africa, mostly visible in countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya to name a few, the continent still witnesses a steady increase in the number of people living in poverty. This begs for the question as to what can be done to alleviate this scourge of poverty that has plagued this continent for so long.

Women and girls make up the majority of the 1.4 billion people living in extreme poverty. In many African countries, women provide 60-80 percent of agricultural labor: producing food for their households and the market. Yet, 90 percent of agricultural credit is accessed by men while women own less than 2 percent of the world’s land.

Overtime, disparities like this has led to a 20-30 percent gap between what men and women farmers are able to produce. However, by simply ensuring female farmers have access to the same resources as their male counterparts, the number of people living in poverty globally could be reduced by 100-150 million.

The feminization of poverty is so real in the region as hundreds of millions of poor women struggle every day to put food on the table, especially in the rural areas. The rural poor needs more than just training and capacity building programs – they need more than just handouts and charity. They need access to the agricultural inputs and services they need to increase their harvests. They need access to markets, buyers to sell their crops at fair prices.

TOSF was inspired by the vital roles women play around the world, meeting the food needs of their households and contributing to the development and growth of their livelihoods. Understanding that many have complained about the plight women go through and how empowering women could lead to world without poverty.

It is therefore the desire of TOSF to work with women in line with the saying “invest in a man…, but an invest in a woman ...”

Therefore, TOSF has chosen to play a part in the eradication of poverty by attacking its root causes, not only its consequences.




Our mission is to improve the welfare and livelihoods of women and youths, especially those in rural communities through the creation of programs in education, economic empowerment and capacity building to fast track the eradication of poverty in Nigeria and by extension, Africa.


To see an Africa of equal opportunities, a socio-economic active youth population, where poverty has been overcome and every child has access to quality education.


The Osasu Show (TOS) is a television program that strives to bridge the gap between the elites and the masses. TOS is the parent company to The Osasu Show Foundation (TOSF). TOSF started by giving cash to women in rural communities to start small businesses, pay school fees for children from rural communities whose parents could not afford it. As time progresses, the need to metamorphose into a foundation was inevitable.


Hard work
We constantly hold ourselves to the highest work ethics and performance standards, tapping into the best of our creative core and refusing to settle for mediocre results.


We are accountable to the people and partners we serve, carrying out our operations in honesty and transparency in a continent plagued by corrupt practices.

People Development

We believe in challenging ourselves to the pinnacle of learning, innovation and transformation because we know that change happens through people.


We have identified that by embracing our diversity and fostering relationships we can actualize our vision to overcome poverty.


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