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TOS Foundation with RC No. 91990, has a vision to be a globally renowned non-governmental organization, which promotes and provides access to equal opportunities, a socio-economic active youth population, where poverty can be overcome and every child has access to quality education. 

Taking a comprehensive approach that supports gender and youth empowerment and built on the premise that progress in one area leverages achievements in another, TOSF works to support the achievement of SDGs 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 and 16 and contributes to the gender- responsive implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

Leveraging the mutually reinforcing benefits for youth, women and girl child empowerment; and all dimensions of sustainable development, the TOS foundation has continued to demonstrate accountability for results, transparency and cost effectiveness in its five years of existence.

TOS Foundation adopts a human rights-based approach in line with international standards and leaving no one behind in our interventions. We address inequalities and discrimination; meaningfully involving beneficiaries, all levels of government, development partners, women’s organizations, and other agents of change in responding to the circumstances of the poorest and most excluded women, including those facing marginalization and multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination.


Geographic Targeting

In the next decade, TOSF will prioritize the Federal Capital Territory and six States – one from each of the geo-political zone of Nigeria. Following rigorous analysis that considered population size, impact, political will on the part of government, existing presence of TOSF in the States and security as criteria for State selection, TOSF has identified Abia, Adamawa, Edo, Kano, Lagos and Nasarawa as the initial States for pilot interventions. TOSF plans to expand to additional States, resources and security permitting.

TOSF’s Strategic Priorities

TOS Foundation currently prioritizes two program pillars:

Women and Girls Empowerment (WAGE)

To close the persistent gender equality gaps, TOSF has recently launched the Women and Girls Empowerment (WAGE) program that will focus its contribution on five areas:

1. Women’s Political Participation and Leadership by increasing women’s representation in appointive and elective positions, while ensuring more women actively participate in intra-party activities;

2. Girl Child Education by reducing the number of out-of-school children in Nigeria by ensuring access to free, quality, and safe education;

3. Maternal Health by reducing the rate of maternal mortality and morbidity by increasing access to quality and affordable healthcare services through political commitment to increase the budgetary allocation for health to 15% at Federal, State, Local Government levels;

4. Violence Against Women and Girls by reducing the number of women and girls that suffer violence from the same and the opposite sex due to gender discrimination; and

5. Child Marriage by reducing the rate of child marriage in areas across the country where the practice is prevalent by embarking on extensive advocacy in the affected regions, targeting both government and people in communities, and highlighting the attendant negative effects.

Capacity Building Incubator (CBI)

TOSF is helping targeted individuals (Youth, Women and Girls), diversify their income streams by building their capacity to better engage and access market opportunities as well as access the financial resources needed to leverage these opportunities. TOSF will reduce financial and social barriers for vulnerable women and young girls by increasing their business and life skills to improve their opportunities to effectively engage in market systems. These interventions target individuals who are classified as very vulnerable and for whom market opportunities are limited, but who have the capacity to absorb the skills training offered and can effectively utilize financial services.

TOSF will enable targeted participants to acquire the skills needed to pursue economic opportunities and help individuals improve their income earning potential with a package of services designed to increase their knowledge and skills to better engage in markets. TOSF will also continue to support girl child education and ensure access to free, quality, and safe education. This intervention will boost education and learning among girl-child and it will facilitate provision of educational support to indigent students in both primary and secondary schools in marginalized communities.

These strategic program areas constitute the foundation’s outcomes and a set of thematic results. Each result is designed to translate to alleviating this scourge of poverty that has plagued Africa for so long. Specific focus will be on women and girl-child as well as youth, in collaboration with our partners, based on our theory of change, which will help to achieve the eradication of poverty, and the reduction of inequalities and exclusion. We will help targeted States to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience to sustain development results.

With these two program pillars in mind, TOSF will achieve the following interdependent and interconnected objectives:

1. Advocate for equality and inclusion by advancing policy changes that accelerate girl child and women empowerment;

2. Lead capacity building incubator effort by equipping the next generation of leaders with valuable skill sets;

3. Promote social enterprise by providing grants and technical assistance for vulnerable population especially women; and

4. Boost access to education and improved learning outcomes of vulnerable population.


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