OUR VISION: To see an Africa of equal opportunities, a socio-economic active youth population, where poverty has been overcome and every child has access to quality education.


THE OSASU SHOW FOUNDATION (TOSF) is a non- governmental organization created for the sole purpose of solving a social problem in a financially self-sustainable way.

TOSF has chosen to play a part in the eradication of poverty by attacking its root causes, not only its consequences.

After almost two decades of unprecedented economic growth in Africa, mostly visible in countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya to name a few, the continent still witnesses a steady increase in the number of people living in poverty. This begs for the question as to what can be done to alleviate this scourge of poverty that has plagued this continent for so long.

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TOS/ASDC- Annual Social Development Conference

TOS Annual Social Development Conference (ASDC) is the largest national and regional platform that brings together social development practitioners, researchers, scholars, stakeholders (from both the public and private sectors), as well as donors and beneficiaries. The principal focus of this conference is to promote synergy by improving links and information exchange amongst social development practitioners in Africa. The immediate offshoot from this conference will be the African Annual Social Development Report (AASDR).

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